Does whitening toothpaste work?
Generally, toothpaste whiteners only clean the stains on the surface and don’t actually change the colour of the teeth. Toothpastes might have some visible results, but for effective results, we highly recommend a professional teeth whitening treatment at Your Smile.
Is teeth whitening bad for my enamel?
Teeth whitening is a harmless procedure and causes no permanent damage to the enamel.
Is teeth whitening safe?
Teeth whitening has been researched for over 20 years and there are no adverse reactions to it.
Can anyone have teeth whitening?
Most people can have teeth whitening, provided they are not pregnant or allergic to the whitening gel. If you have all dental crowns, bridges or veneers, then unfortunately teeth whitening will not be suitable for you as porcelain cannot be whitened.
Can tooth whitening cause tooth sensitivity?
If sensitivity from tooth whitening is to occur, it will only be during the early stages of treatment. Sensitivity will disappear within 1-3 days of stopping treatment. Tissue irritation most commonly results from an ill-fitting mouthpiece tray rather than the tooth bleaching agent. There will be no long-lasting effects on tooth sensitivity post whitening treatment.
How long does laser teeth whitening last?
Typically, you can expect whitening to last up to two years, however, it will depend on the individual. For the best results, it is advised to avoid coffee, red wine and smoking as these all cause staining of the teeth.
Not sure which whitening treatment is right for you?
Why not book a free consultation with our team? We can discuss your whitening goals and advise you on which of our fantastic whitening treatments will best meet your needs and be most clinically suitable.