Dental Referrals

As a trusted local Charlestown dental clinic, you can refer your patients to Your Smile with confidence. Know your patients are in good hands with our reliable referral system high-quality dental services.

Why Refer Your Patients To Your Smile?

Led by Dr Sweeney, our team of highly qualified dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants have decades of combined experience.

We’ve built a great network of dental professionals in the Charlestown and Newcastle areas. Our reputation for providing exceptional Invisalign care means we stand out as a trusted dental practice in the field of Invisalign – for dentists and patients alike.

Know Your Patients Are In Good Hands

At Your Smile, we partner with patients on their treatment journey, meticulously creating Clinchecks and seeking their approval every step of the way. We understand the importance of prioritising both functional and aesthetic considerations in patient care.
We always refer patients back to their primary dentists to finish any restorative dental treatment, if needed.